November 27, 2011

Relieving or Avoiding Stress

For all of my team members, here is the conversation text for tomorrow's role playing. Be sure to read it carefully and try to memorize it. Each dialogue isn't really long, rather short, so i think, you won't have any problem remembering it all. If you have something to ask me, please write your comment on the comment box below. Thanks.

Narrator: Widi, Bayu, and Dwijo are hanging out together at a caffee. While they are waiting for Dhaniya to come, Widi opens a conversation about Stress.

Widi: Dwijo, do you think this week is so stressful for us? With all assignments we get, I am sure you also feel so stressful. How do you relieve your stress.

Dwijo: Easy my friend. To relieve stress, I usually do something I like, such as playing video game or sports.

Widi: How about you, Bayu?

Bayu: Sorry my friend, but I never feel so stressful in my life. At least, not as bad as you two.

Dwijo: Really? How come?!

Widi: I agree with him, Bayu. How come?!

Bayu: Always try to be calmed, and plan everything wisely. If your stress comes from so many assignments and homeworks, try to finish it all before the deadlines. Everything has to be planned very well, at least well enough. That’s how I never feel so stressful because of homeworks.

Widi: That’s good. I’ll try it later.

Dwijo: Yeah, me too.

Narrator: Not long after that, Dhaniya comes.

Dhaniya: Hi guys, sorry I’m late. I was trapped in traffic jam.

Widi: Well, we are discussing about how to relieve our stress. I have heard Bayu and Dwijo’s opinions. What about yours?!

Dwijo: Dhaniya? Relieving stress? I don’t think so.

Dhaniya: What makes you think like that Dwijo?

Dwijo: Just look at your face Dhaniya, even without a problem your face always looks so stressed.

Dwijo, Widi, Bayu: (laughing)

Dhaniya: That’s not funny, guys!

Widi: Just kidding. So, we still want to hear about your opinion Dhaniya.

Bayu: Yep! Tell us how you deal with your stress.

Dhaniya: I always come to see my boyfriend, tell him what bothers me, and the stress goes away.

Dwijo: Just like that?

Dhaniya: Yeah, just like that.
Bayu: That’s…. boring.

Widi: I think Dhaniya’s method will work better to me than Dwijo’s or Bayu’s method. I’ll see my girlfriend when I feel so stressful.

Bayu, Dwijo, Widi, and Dhaniya: (laughing)

For the narrator, i think we should ask a valounteer from one of other classmates. Because this is a role play, it'll be better if we include a narrator to explain how the story goes. But, i am a flexible man. If you have any objection, write it on the comment box bellow. We'll discuss about it further tomorrow.

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